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App Services for Healthcare

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to take the next step in Healthcare. Make the blind 'see' again using a VR headset. Practicing a difficult operation in VR. Connecting systems to improve speed of diagnosis. Assisting people to diagnose themselves. Helping people not to get the wrong medication by scanning a label. 
Improving quality of life by improving quality of Healthcare.


App Services for Retail


Augmented Marketing: the newest techy tools to impress your customers. We want to make this easily accessible and to be used by anyone interested. That's why we developed AR Studio. 
Protection against counterfeiting of products, using our invisible Verus mark. Creating a branded app, since a website alone isn't enough anymore. And finally, improving customer experience by integrating technology into Retail.

App Services for FMCG

A brand needs an app, since a website alone just doesn't make it to the cut anymore. We build apps. Besides that we're able to make your packaging interactive (without changing anything to the printing or designing process) using your very own app. And we love to think along with your marketing team, for example, to integrate a loyalty campaign with this new technology.


App Services for Creatives


The printing industry is about to get disrupted by new Augmented Reality technologies. Motionless pictures alone won't be sufficient enough to satisfy end-users in the near future. We can make print interactive using our AR technology and offer a full self service program to control the content behind the prints.
Take the leap into the future.