Verus is the active & intelligent packaging platform. Verus offers a full service solution with consumer engagement, anti-counterfeiting, BI & Analytics.

The brand owner is given the opportunity to build a relationship with his consumer through his products. Via omni-channels, the consumer is encouraged to scan the product and the content becomes available. The fire builds up valuable data and gains insight into and control over it.

Category :Software, I&AP, Consumer

Release :February 18, 2019



Use omni-channels to encourage the user to scan a product, such as a brand mobile app, web app and Facebook Messenger bot.

iOS & Android app

With the Verus app the customer can view and try the possibilities of Verus. Scan your own products and show your own content and interactivity.

Content management system

Use a wide variety of product related content. From a link to a website to a spectacular augmented reality, projected on the product.

BI & Analytics

Extensive reports and insight for the brand owner on the progress of the campaign. View the number of app downloads, use of the app and analysis per SKU and geolocation.