Consumer engagement

Consumer engagement solutions

Consumers are online, always. MagnaVersum offers active and intelligent packaging solutions to digitally connect your physical products with your consumers.


We all trust our information to digital companies that store it, in return we receive incentives, experiences, information or products. Digital is fast, if not already, our second nature.


We help you and your consumer to a great experience, tailored to your goals. You will also receive extensive reporting of the data, so that you get the most out of your efforts.


Our 6-tier solution covers everything needed to implement a striking consumer engagement application. Provide us with all necessary information and content, and launch a great marketing campaign.

6-tier solution


Scan based on various techniques, such as image recognition, machine learning and invisible watermark.


Have product-related interaction with the user through a product webpage, product information or with impressive augmented reality.


Encourage the user to participate in a competition or competition, to provide information and to be entertained.


Build valuable data such as data about the user and the entire customer journey and use this information to determine target groups.


Analyze collected data with intuitive dashboards, link data and discover new insights and get more information about your consumer behavior and measure the KPIs.


Make decisions about objectives based on business intelligence and analytics and use them as input for improvements throughout the entire life cycle.