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Services that drive end-users or internal analytics


Whether you're interested in a integral Business Intelligence solution or want something new to impress clients and end-users, MagnaVersum has something to offer. We build apps with Augmented Reality, as well as BI dashboards according to your wishes.

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Packaging Specialists


Interactive packaging: the next big thing


Without changing to the printing process we know how to make packaging interactive with Augmented Reality. It doesn't stop at 'something fun', but also offers a full on loyalty campaign. Be amazed by the numerous possibilities and advantages this technique can offer you.


Qlik proclaimed us 'Healthcare Expert'


In the field of Business Intelligence we are the one you are looking for. Experience, skilled employees and a clear vision upon the needs of the sector. We have got it all. In addition, we can practically build any program or connect one to another. 

Healthcare Expert