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Interactive printing

Prints come to life


The printing industry is about to get disrupted with the possibilities Augmented Reality has to offer. Step into the game with interactive prints and make a move into the future.

Interactive printing

Value for Printers' clients

Adding value

Add value to prints


Offering interactive prints to your client grants them new possibilities to interact with end-users. These new techniques can boost printers' sales by improving their product, a new channel of communication is open to the world of fixed images.

Forgery protection

Authenticity check


Protecting a brand's products through an embedded Verus mark. We offer technology that can embed the authenticity mark, build Smart Device software to perform the authenticity check and offer insight into collected data.


AR Studio

AR Studio

Flexible content management


Augmented Reality means content and content means keeping customers entertained. We provide specially designed software what makes managing Augmented Reality content easy to do.
No need for expensive content bureaus. 

Secured File Transfer

From A to B without intrusion


Public transfer services sometime don't make it to the cut and need to be more secure. Our TANKSOLUTIONS services offers possibilities to transfer any file -at any size- safely, without the need to worry about unwanted access to your files. 

File Transfer

Connecting Systems

Connecting Systems

Integrating what you have with what you want.


No fuss about multiple systems running next to each other or copying data to a new one. If you want, we can connect nearly any program to ours to keep employees working as they are used to.

Customised Dashboards

Insight into data has never been this easy


We can create custom dashboards based on the (big) data you've gathered. We build our dashboards upon the DAR principle, adjusted to your wishes and demands.

Custom Dashboards

BI Project Management

BI Project Management

Supporting your project management needs and wants


MagnaVersum supports with your business intelligence project. Our projectmanagers are experienced and support everyting from the startup of a BI project to the evaluation of the project.

Information- and requirementsanalysis

Discover what you really need


Using a two-step analysis our information analysts reveal the package of demands to the Information Technology solution and give insight in to what extent the information managament complies to your whishes and demands.
Find out which actions you can take to further improve your information management.

BI Analysis

Business Intelligence scan

BI Scan

Assess your BI maturity level


After this scan, which takes no more than two weeks, you will have a good idea about what the main points of improvement are for your organisation concearning business intelligence. The scan is also often used prior to an advice traject. This way you are ensured of a suitable solution to the level of your organisation.


Quick access to suited expertise


MagnaVersum has a strong team of consultants which is well up to date of the latest developments in the field of business intelligence. By deploying our consultants you can take advantage of their knowledge without taking risks.

BI Consultancy